Building trust and confidence through top quality products and unmatched service.



Having the right product at the right time is the key. With our extensive warehouse capacities, odds are that we have the product in stock to fit your immediate needs.

With unmatched facilities and consistent inventory, we are able to maintain price stability, dye lot and shade variations, provide shorter lead times and help with product availability. Whether in stock or special order, your specifications will be met.


The Family Advantage

“FS Builder Resources will provide the highest quality product and service, made possible by the dedication and commitment of its team members, always striving for excellence through innovation and leadership. We will stress integrity and conduct our affairs in an ethical manner that demonstrates respect for our clients, employees, the environment and the communities in which we do business.”

Since 1983, we have been building confidence and trust by consistently delivering the best customer service and products in the home building industry throughout each of our divisions. Our family of companies brings you the Family Advantage where as a partner, you will experience the following:

  • Commitment to service and quality within each division.
  • Reduced overhead through the use of best practices across multiple entities.
  • Greater advantage in scheduling by having multiple trades invested in providing an “umbrella” of services, and a joint approach toward marketing and customer profitability.
  • Confidence that each trade will respect each other’s work, and act as an extra set of eyes.
  • Price advantages, rebates, and incentives which will in turn make your company more competitive.
  • An open line of communication within our companies, allowing you to spend more time making decisions about future business.
  • The full support of a well established, financially stable company that values your relationship and commitment.
  • Product to product visibility with the latest technology at hand.

Whether you use all of our services or just one, we value your business and look forward to a long-lasting relationship. Thank you for being a part of our family.